Our workshop is the backbone of our activities, the beating heart of Rock N Roll Classics.

Our team of nine dedicated classiccar-technicians can tackle every problem that may occur on your classic. From simple maintenance to a complete rebuild and tune-up of your carburetor or injection system to a full-blown mechanical or electrical issue, there’s nothing that cannot be fixed.

Every technician has a broad knowledge of all technical aspects of a classiccar and, in addition to that every technician also has a certain specialty of his own. All these years of experience and different specialties are combined into an unbeatable team of passionate and motivated RNR-crewmembers.


Our workshop is packed with all necessary tools in order to achieve optimal results on your car: we have ten car lifts, a state-of the art diagnostic street for suspension, brakes, exhaust gasses, lights, etc… and tons of specialized tools and machines that suit every task and every car.

Of course: power is nothing without control… Our operations are streamlined through our state-of-the-art digital management system that optimizes workflow and communications management in order to achieve the leanest possible operation without unnecessary costs and with optimal communication both inside RNR and out. Our workshop manager keeps a close eye on things and serves as the contact with our customers and suppliers, whilst both of our parts guys will get the best parts at the lowest prices at the right moment for your car.

The cars we work on may be retro, our organization sure isn’t!


After all: operational excellence is not just a hollow marketing sentence, it is a Rock N Roll Classics work of art!


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