The bodyshop: our very own atelier d’arts!

By entering our bodyshop, you are entering holy ground, a place where you can still feel, smell and hear the artisanery in the air.

It all starts at our metalworking area, a place where you almost feel to be transported back into times gone-by. You are greeted by our cast-iron George Kendrick English wheel that is sitting right next to an immense Pullmax sheet metal machine, different plying- and bending benches and a vast array of hammers, both for alloy and steel. Originality is the goal, artisanery the way to achieve that goal.


In contrast to the classic atmosphere of the metalworking-area, the preparation and paint zones are high-tech laboratories. Every working station is equipped with pneumatic lifts and a vast array of vacuum cleaners and sanding stations. Our paint lab is the best one can get, equipped with spectrum analysers, computerized weighing station and uv-compensating light systems. And best of all: the paint in our paint-mixing station still is a solvent-based version, just like used on the cars back in the days when they were new. Of course, modern water-based paints are also present and can be used where the cars requires. As we said before and as we’ll tell you again: it’s all about the details!

We are also proud to announce that this bodyshop not only produces award winning automobiles, it is also an area that is kind to nature. We have installed a very elaborate filtering system in both the floors as in the roof, all in order to ensure that the air that is coming out of the shop is as clean as the air was the day these cars were born.


Whether you are looking for a complete restoration, a full respray or a damage-reparation: as long as your car is classic and special: the RNR Classics bodyshop is your place to be!


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