Engine rebuilding

At Rock N Roll Classics, we are technicians at heart. What better way to honor our love for classic machines than to revive their beating hearts: the internal combustion engine.

You can restore or repair a car all you want: when it’s engine is not functioning properly: you’ll never have a decent automobile, let alone love it as much as you should.

Engine rebuilding
Engine rebuilding

Our in-house engine rebuilding facility can take care of everything your engine may need in order to be brought back to its full potential. Whether it’s boring, honing, planishing, grinding, cleaning, balancing or remanufacturing and replacing: we can do it! Bringing an engine back to its former glory is good enough most of the times but many owners are looking to improve durability, useability or power output. We can provide every necessary job needed to suit your desire.

Whether you have a roaring V12, singing inline-six our pounding boxer, whether you are professional or private, all are welcome at our rebuilding atelier!

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