Lets’ cut to the chase: our company is built to provide you with a quick, easy and transparent sale of your beloved classic. We of course have an attractive showroom where a team of dedicated salespeople attend to every visitor. Our physical stock consists of a selection of own cars as well as a series of cars that are being sold in consignation and every single car is carefully selected to meet our quality demands. After all, Rock N Roll Classics is not just a brand, it is a quality label!


The moment a car destined for sale arrives at our shop, it undergoes a thorough quality check in our workshop. Only cars that are deemed RNR-worthy are cleared to be sellable.

After this elaborate check and sales-clearance, we discuss with the seller what should be a realistic and attainable sales price and, of course, also what the minimum amount the seller receives in case of a sale would be. The results of these discussions are then put into a consignation agreement, made to inform and protect the seller. We of course also buy cars so a direct sale to RNR is always a valid possibility.

Professional pictures and films are taken and all available data is compressed into one sales text and shareable data file by our sales-team.

After that our digital marketeers take over: the car is posted not only on our website but on all important and relevant websites around the globe. Instagram and Facebook posts are made and our very elaborate sales network is informed by mail and telephone. No stone is left unturned and no opportunity remains unexplored in our quest for the ideal sale.


However, some cars require the utmost discretion in order to be sold. Cars so rare, exclusive or expensive that they are not to be posted on the internet in any way.

The world is our showroom and our showroom is yours!


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