1966 Alfa Romeo Sprint GT Veloce

Alfa Romeo1966
Sprint GT Veloce

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This stunning beauty first graced the stage of the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1965, and it has been every true enthusiast's dream car ever since. And why shouldn't it be? This car has it all - style, performance, and a heritage that is second to none. Designed by none other than Giorgetto Giugiaro of the iconic Italian design house Bertone, the Sprint GT Veloce was intended to be a sporty version of its predecessor, the Giulietta Sprint. And it lived up to that! The aerodynamic lines of the bodywork are simply mesmerizing, and the Alfa Romeo grille is a feast for the eyes.

Our Alfa Romeo Sprint GT Veloce rolled off the assembly line in 1966 and is the absolute driver's car par excellence. It is nicknamed the "letterbox" because of the narrow opening in the hood that serves as an air intake for the engine and cooling system - a feature highly sought after by true enthusiasts. She was fully restored several years ago and is in exceptional condition today. Only thanks to its perfect restoration at the time has this car maintained its pristine condition to this day. The lines and fits of the bodywork are excellent while the Rosso alfa body color is a wonderful combination with the stylish black interior. But she is not just a feast for the eyes. The "Veloce" version that means "speed" in Italian had a more powerful engine, a sportier chassis and improved brakes. No wonder, then, that she was considered one of the best sports sedans of her time. The powerful 1.6-liter four-cylinder that produces 113 horsepower was completely overhauled and drives like new. As you sink into the comfortable bucket seats and grip the beautiful wooden steering wheel that molds perfectly to your hands, you can feel the history of Italian craftsmanship with which this car was built. The minimalist details, comfort, smooth handling, responsive steering and beautiful sound all come together to provide an unforgettable driving experience time after time.

In short, If you are looking for a highly original but also a hugely qualitative and perfectly driving Alfa Romeo Sprint GT Veloce then this is the car to have. The ultimate driver's car that is ready for many carefree miles. Now available at Rock 'N Roll Classics!

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