1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal

Alfa Romeo1972

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  • Nuts & bolts restored
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In 1967, Alfa Romeo was chosen to present a car at the Montreal World's Fair that represented modern man's "highest aspirations in the automotive field". The 29-year-old Marcello Gandini designed an elegant, low and streamlined coupé in Bertone's workshop. The design was special for its low radiator grille and deeply sloping bonnet that half-hid the headlights behind the distinctive slatted eyelids, an innovative solution that improved the car's aerodynamic profile. The public was immediately impressed and Alfa Romeo decided to put the model into production. In 1970, the Montreal entered the market as a luxury sports car that competed with the Porsche 911 and the BMW 3.0 CS.

Our 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal has undergone an extensive nuts and bolts restoration. Every part of the car has been carefully dismantled, inspected, cleaned and repaired or replaced where necessary. The result is a car that is in absolute top condition and looks and drives just as it did when it first rolled off the production line. The Verde Medio body colour has been expertly reapplied according to the rules of art. This has resulted in a beautiful, glossy finish that really shows off the lines and shapes of this iconic Italian sports car. The bright green combines perfectly with the pale interior to create a harmonious whole.

With its powerful 2.6-litre V8 engine, you have enough power to dominate the roads. When you press the accelerator, the genuine Alfa Romeo V8 sound is music to your ears. Experience the thrill of getting behind the wheel of this beautiful Alfa Romeo Montreal on a lovely sunny Sunday drive. You immediately feel at home in the elegant and bright interior. The sound of the powerful V8 engine will make your heart beat faster as you smoothly tear through the curves. It's like stepping into a time capsule and travelling back to the heyday of Italian sports cars.

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