1951 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500SS Villa D'este

Alfa Romeo1951
6C 2500SS Villa D'este

  • 1 of 34 ever made
  • Alfa Romeo classiche certified
  • Concours condition
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The Alfa Romeo 6C Villa D'Este, a masterpiece from the magical collaboration between Alfa Romeo and coachbuilder Touring. Only 32 examples were made, each one slightly different from the other and made according to the wishes of Alfa Romeo's most exclusive clientele. Although the roots of the development of the world's last hand-built Alfa Romeo lay in the mid-1920s, its timeless design was still awarded the "Grand prix referendum ' in 1949 at the Concorzo d'eleganza Villa d'Este in Lago di Como. A recognition that allows her to proudly bear the name Villa d'Este today.

Our beautiful Alfa Romeo 6C Villa d'Este was delivered to its proud first owner in Milan on April 27, 1951 and is one of only an estimated 17 surviving examples.

Chassis "915910" was dropped off at Carrozzeria Touring with the 110-hp SS variant of the legendary Vittorio Jano's 6-in-line Alfa Romeo engine. There she was then fitted to her first owner's taste with her beautiful Nero Villa d'Este Touring bodywork combined with the very unique Pale green cloth interior with matching wool floor mats and custom-made travel trunks in pale green leather.

After sitting untouched for decades, she was found in 2006 under a thick layer of dust somewhere in Sicily. She was sold as a restoration project to Mr. Dambacher. He decided that such cars deserved only the best and then had it restored nuts and bolts by Carrozzeria Grillo of Occieppo Superiore, Italy and under the supervision of restoration specialist Klaus Kukuk of Overath, Germany. No expense was spared to restore the car completely to original specifications and to concours condition. The entire process was a quest for originality costing around €400,000. Naturally, this entire process was photographed and can be found in an extensive report, along with numerous original invoices, Alfa authenticity certificates and an expert report by Raul San Giorgi in the meticulously maintained history. Very exceptionally, Alfa Romeo itself came by to certify the car and provide it with its authenticity folder.

The end result is impressive. Every panel has been restored exactly to original specifications, leaving countless hours of craftsmanship hidden under the paint. She is in exceptional condition , all the fits are extremely good, every detail was paid attention to and nothing was overlooked. The interior is the definition of elegance, every detail was finished to perfection. This can be seen in the hair-fine details on the counters, the beautiful finish of the dashboard and the Pale green upholstery that looks like new.

By paying thousands of Euros for a magneto optical scan of the chassis number and frame number and comparing it afterwards with known originals, it can be confirmed that both the chassis and frame number are the original ones and also the correct engine number is punched in. It goes without saying that this is substantiated with a certification by the officine Classiche Alfa Romeo and an annual invitation @Concorza Villa d'Este.

The driving is an indescribable combination between pre- and post-war. When you take a seat behind the wheel you feel the history of this car and it seems like you are driving in the idyllic streets around Lago di Como in Italy in the 1950s. Of course, the Engine was also completely taken care of, has a lot of power and sounds just fantastic. Thanks to the independent front suspension, the car handles its weight well and steers very precisely and directly in corners. Shifting gears is smooth and makes the car perfectly controllable. It is therefore a true sensation and honor to take a seat behind the wheel. A statement that can be confirmed by, among others, the famous Belgian chief designer of Touring Superleggera, Louis de Fabribeckers, who drove the prestigious Zoute Grand Prix with this car in 2016.

In short, this is an unmissable opportunity to own a true piece of Italian automotive history that not only looks fantastic but is also in exceptional condition, was certified by Alfa Romeo itself and is ready to take home many a prize at concours. Now Available at Rock 'N Roll Classics.

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