1956 Fiat Siata 1100GT

Siata 1100GT

  • Mille Miglia eligible
  • Perfect condition
  • Very rare
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Siata (Società Italiana Auto Trasformazioni Accessori) was an Italian car tuning shop and manufacturer founded in 1926 by amateur racing driver Giorgio Ambrosini. Siata initially sold parts for modifying and tuning Fiat cars. After World War II, the company started making its own sports cars under the Siata brand

Make no mistake, our FIAT Siata 1100GT is not the fiat 1100 that Enzo Ferrari complimented for its excellent performance and spirited character but it is an extremely rare variant of this model produced by Siata.

Mille Miglia - "La corsa più bella del mondo"

Our triple Mille miglia participant from the 2nd owner is one of only 14 made at Siata's workshop in 1956 , and comes from Sardinia. From the first moment you see it, it stands out for its sporty, compact bodywork and the elegance of its interior. It still stands in its beautiful and original duo colouru , blue-grigio Orione. It is a car that deserves to be admired. No wonder then that it won the concours at the Zoute in its "Little Gems" class. Besides being beautiful to the eye, this car has an exceptional history, it drove the Mille Miglia (a journey of about 1600 kilometres) 3 times without any problems and starts and runs in no time.

This is a unique opportunity to get your hands on a rare piece of Italian automotive history. A car that will not only make you proud on the road, but also an asset that will be a valuable addition to your collection.

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