1991 Peugeot P4


  • 4x4 Convertible seats 6 people!
  • Top condition
  • Based on the legendary MB G-Class
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At the end of the sixties, the French army decided that all their Jeeps should be replaced by a new model that had to meet the following requirements: the offroader not only had to be robust and reliable, it also had to have enough space for no less than 6 people, be compact enough to be transported by airplane and be light enough to be parachuted. Quite an adventurous specification, in other words! Out of the three bids received, France chose, rather logically, the Peugeot G-Class proposed by Peugeot.

The Peugeot P4 was produced by both Daimler-Benz and Peugeot, with each automaker accounting for half of the P4s. Mercedes provided a rock-solid base in the form of the G-Class, while Peugeot in turn provided a military color scheme, fitted the electrical system and placed the proven Peugeot 504 engine and 604 gearbox in the legendary Mercedes G-Class chassis. The collaboration between the two automotive giants produced an iconic vehicle, to say the least. In 1985, production was finally transferred to the Panhard plant in France, where only 6,000 "French G-Classes" were produced.

This P4 is undoubtedly the toughest Peugeot on the market. From the moment you get behind the wheel, it is impossible not to smile and be adventurous. If you decide to leave the urban jungle behind, the car will put an even bigger smile on your face. A rock-solid 4x4 system with low- and high-range gearbox, combined with large off-road tires and a suspension developed specifically for off-road use ensure that no challenge is too great. Moreover, the car is in top condition and has clearly always been very well maintained. With only 54,439 km on the odometer, the P4 drives, shifts and brakes like new. The military green has given way to a cool gray with black accents and inside we find renewed leather upholstery and, importantly, enough space to comfortably seat 6 people. Propulsion is either via the rear wheels only or with the mechnically enabled 4x4 and as additional off-road gadgets, the P4 is equipped with a rear differential lock, protection plate under the engine and tough steel bumpers. When the urge for adventure suddenly overwhelms you, you can easily load the whole family in, remove the doors and fold down the windshield, transforming the P4 from a rugged 4x4 to a rare and above all super trendy 6-seater convertible.

Step into our French G-Class and explore the world like never before, where paths stop this rugged Peugeot P4 continues. Wondering what adventure lies in wait?

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