1963 Alvis TD21 Drophead Coupe

TD21 Drophead Coupe

  • Rare Drophead Coupe model
  • Fully documented restoration
  • Fully documented from first to current owner
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Alvis, British automotive heritage at its best. Starting as a small engine factory in 1919, Alvis was known for producing aluminium piston engines, so the owner suggested the name ALVIS, combining the words 'aluminium' and 'fish' in Latin power. Starting with their first model in the early 1920s, the company gained a reputation for quality and performance. After racing successes at Le Mans in 28, Alvis produced one of the first front-wheel-drive production models with overhead camshaft and supercharger. Later cars introduced "in true Alvis tradition" the world's first fully synchronised gearbox, independent front suspension and servo brakes. After the war, car production resumed and in 1950 a 3-litre six-cylinder engine was announced that has since become the base engine for all their cars produced. In 53, Alvis agreed to build the Graber body on their chassis, but it was so expensive that they built only 17 examples in three years. Alvis bought the Graber rights in 55 and struck a deal with renowned Bentley and Rolls coachbuilder Park Ward to build the cars. The resulting TD21 was announced in 59 and received excellent press. One called it "one of the most enchanting driver cars imaginable". It was the success model for Alvis. These cars, TD21 and its later variants, the TE21 and finally the TF21, were known for their build quality, appeal and speed. By the mid-1960s, however, it was clear that the end could not be far off with a price tag almost double that of the mass-produced Jaguar.

Newly registered in 1963, this beautiful TD drophead Coupé was in the same family until it was bought by the current owner in 2011. Since that date, the car has undergone extensive restoration and improvement; it has undergone a nuts-and-bolts restoration and has been repainted in the original Alice Blue, finished with a beautiful off-white leather interior. Engine and mechanicals have been rebuilt to an excellent standard, so the car still looks and drives superbly almost 10 years after the restoration, which can only prove the quality of the work carried out. All this work is fully documented in invoices,with hundreds of photos. Historical documents are present, including old paperwork from the first owner to the present day.
The press were more than right when they claimed this was an outstanding owner-driver car, with the complementary Bentley or Rolls look and feel. Has the benefits of electric power steering, making city driving as effortless as with a modern car. This four-seater convertible is a car that can take you and the family for scenic drives around the countryside.

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