1991 Porsche 964 3.3 TURBO

964 3.3 TURBO

  • Original european car (Spain)
  • Electric sunroof
  • Paint to sample ( Steingrau metallic)
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The great success story of Porsche's G models was the long-awaited 964 that came on the market in 1989. Marketed as both Carrera 2, 2-wheel drive and Carrera 4, 4-wheel drive and some other changes such as ABS and power steering made this car the ideal Porsche for daily use with the real character of a 911.
The flagship of the 964 series was presented in 1990 at the Geneva Motor Show: The turbo!
The first version retained the mechanical part of its predecessor with some upgrades, the 3.3l engine with some mechanical changes which quickly increased the power to 320hp. Thanks to the new turbo engine, torque was soon boosted to 450Nm delivered over a much greater range. The 964 turbo was only produced in 3660 units in its 2 years of existence and to this day remains one of the most sought-after models on the market!

Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do?

Our Porsche 964 Turbo rolled off the assembly line in 1991 and found its origin through a Porsche dealer in Madrid to its first proud owner. This original Spanish fury knew how to tame the Spanish temperatures for a long time thanks to its electric sunroof and air conditioning. She was always properly maintained, which is perfectly demonstrated by the correctly filled out maintenance booklet and the available invoices.
After years of enjoying the Spanish sun she found her way to Belgium, where she was added to a collection by the current owner, who is also a real Porsche fanatic and knows what is good. The owner bought her in the condition she is still in today, beautiful, and drove only a few thousand kilometers with the car. The car has currently driven only 142,000 provable kilometers which can perfectly reflect the excellent condition of the car . The original interior looks like new, not a run-down 964 Turbo but a well maintained one. She was slightly upgraded and modernized by adding the black turbo wheels and some black accents here and there which makes it only more attractive and sportier in looks, it can be that little bit more to distinguish the car from a "standard" 964 Turbo.
When driving this car, you quickly understand what it is all about and why you get addicted to this car so quickly, when the turbo kicks in! The car is extremely fast, and handles extremely well on the track, which makes it perfect for everyday driving but will also amaze you on the track time and time again. The manual gearbox is a joy to handle and brings out the sporty side immediately, yet it makes the car very easy to drive: something for everyone!

The car was of course fully checked by us and besides replacing some rubbers, she is now fully Rock 'n Roll approved! No extra costs to foresee, just get in, drive and enjoy!

Do you dare to tame this fury? Come and discover it at Rock 'n Roll Classics and who knows, you might soon be driving along the Spanish costa’s with this beautiful 964 Turbo…

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