1961 Alfa Romeo Romeo 2 "Autotutto" Minivan

Alfa Romeo1961
Romeo 2 "Autotutto" Minivan

  • 7 Passengers
  • Exclusive appearance
  • Sunroof
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Alfa Romeo is often associated with their sleek sports cars and powerful racing machines, which built their reputation. In the 1950s, however, the Italian automaker expanded its range with the Autotutto - a small commercial vehicle intended as a universal workhorse. Its low, flat loading floor and four-wheel independent suspension made loading and unloading heavy loads easy, while its front-wheel drive and smooth handling made driving pleasant. After its unveiling at the 1954 Turin Motor Show, the Autotutto quickly became a popular choice for those who needed a reliable, all-purpose commercial vehicle.

Our Alfa Romeo Romeo 2 is a well-preserved example of the passenger version of the Autotutto, produced in Italy in 1961. Its charming Scuderia-inspired color scheme is complemented by Marchal headlights and fog lamps, a sunroof, windows, a tow bar and even a ladder under the second passenger row. Under the hood, it has the same 1300 4-cylinder dual shaft engine as the Giulietta, equipped with a single carburetor and modified for front-wheel drive.

Early in its life, this Romeo 2 was used for what it was made for. It was used by the "Protezione Civile," an Italian organization that fought natural disasters, and performed perfectly. Because many Romeos were used as workhorses, few are in good condition today. However, our Alfa Romeo was restored a few years ago and looks exceptionally good. The bodywork has been carefully maintained over the decades and shows minimal signs of wear. The updated interior is equally impressive, with classic round dials, cream dashboard, blue leather seats with white-painted steel armrests and beautiful "Romeo" moldings on the front doors.

Driving the Romeo 2 is a unique experience. The car is designed to work hard and serve its driver, so you experience a clear sense of purpose in every aspect of its performance. The precision of the steering wheel and the smooth transmission add to the degree of control you have over the car. Comfort is assured by the four-wheel independent suspension, and the car's low center of gravity ensures that it is firm and stable on the road.

Nothing is missing from this Italian classic, from the small details like the original ladder to the Italian libretto and owner's manual. A unique appearance and the perfect car to enjoy on an extended road trip with family and friends. Come discover it now at Rock 'N Roll classics!

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