1962 Maserati 3500GT


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Step back in time to the glorious spring of 1957 when Maserati unveiled its masterpiece - the 3500GT coupé. A true turning point for the brand, renowned for its legendary grand prix and sports racing cars, the 3500GT marked Maserati's shift towards crafting refined and luxurious sports cars for the open road. This bold decision to withdraw from motorsport paved the way for a new era of elegant street vehicles, and thus, the 3500GT was born. The allure of this 2+2 luxury vehicle lies in its handmade aluminum 'superleggera' coachwork, designed by Carrozzeria Touring, and the desirable 3500cc 'pre-injection' engine, equipped with triple Weber carburetors derived from the competition sports car unit. unleashing 220 BHP at 5,500 RPM. Paired with a 5-speed ZF 55-20 gearbox.

In the year 1962, our Maserati 3500GT, with chassis number AM101.1470, proudly rolled off the factory line straight to her very first owner in charming Trento, Italy. An ode to her original glory was accomplished in 2013 with a meticulous restoration, repainting her in the beautiful Blue tigullia. In 2004, she was invited by the manufacturer itself to take part in the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Maserati factory in legendary Modena.

Step into the interior and you are instantly transported to the enchanting 1960s. The beautifully redone beige interior, with its iconic split-rim steering wheel, surrounds a classic Jaeger instrument panel, where every dial and gauge nods with subtlety to Maserati's glittering racing history.

Of course, it is also superbly documented, with a wealth of historical documents showing the car's rich history. This valuable documentation includes a certificate of origin, technical sheet, internal factory order and delivery note. Every detail has been meticulously maintained and neatly organised in three thick ring binders, along with all the corresponding invoices.

Thoroughly documented and elegantly specced, don't let this opportunity slip away. Explore the exquisite Maserati 3500GT now at Rock 'N Roll Classics.

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