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Super Acoustic

Acoustic warning for regularity and the changes of average. With volume adjustment and option to connect it to earphones. Did you know that what we hear reaches our brains more quickly?

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Acoustic warning for regularity.

“Piiiu, piiiu” if you are behind

“Pooow, pooow” if you are ahead.

Blunik II accessory. Connect and go. Connection cable included. If you have other accessories connected, you will need a Multi Cable Accessory.

It acoustically warns you of the changes of average, of the advance and/or delay that you have.

Did you know that what we hear reaches our brains more quickly? The sooner you have the information, the sooner you can react and/or be ready for the changes of average.

If you are the driver and you are concentrating on the road, the information reaches you at the ideal moment without you noticing. It helps you concentrate on the regularity while you are concentrating on the road.

If you are the co-pilot and at stressful moments you worry about not coping with everything, the ACOUSTIC does it for you: a bleep and carry on with the regularity!

Ideal for bikers.

Note: It is not overbearing or annoying since it stops bleeping when it sees that you cannot reach the average.

It is not programmed. It does not calculate.

The options related to Acoustic are configured via the Blunik when the device is connected. (Plug and Play style)


SUPER ACOUSTIC has all the functions of the ACOUSTIC and 2 more:

- Volume regulation with power meter.

- It has an RCA audio output so it can be connected to your intercom.

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