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Sport Calculator

Route compensator and calculator to adjust the calibration and route factor.

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Sport Calculator is a Blunik accessory for expert co-pilots that want even greater precision

Sport Calculator is the perfect complement for the Blunik II to lead regularity rallies where a few decimals can put you on or take you from the podium.

Sport Calculator is a Blunik accessory that applies your “cut” percentage to tally the distance with the roadbook.

Ideal for regularity sport rallies, regularity rallies on open or closed roads.

Incorporates the route compensator, automatic calibration corrector and route factor corrector.

The different styles of rallies and timing make us think more, study more and know more. Fantastic for those that are already experts, a bit nerdy and give everything to find fractions of a second wherever possible.

Sport Calculator is a 2 in 1.


A phenomenal device to tally the metres with the roadbook, whatever your driving style. Acoustic drive

It measures all the cuts as you cut and subtracts them so that you stick to the roadbook.


Corrects your calibration.

Every time you finish a section and the distance doesn’t tally, do you think you may have to change the calibration of the Blunik II? Well this is the solution, with the advantage that it does it during the section (and not afterwards) so as to save you points in classification.

It corrects the route factor (SPORT DRIVE percentage) when you correct the metres to square with the roadbook.

Incredible but true. Only when too try it will you believe what it does.

It is not automatic. It does not read your mind. Is the co-driver who through the distance corrections gives the information to the Sport Calculator.

Accessory for the BLUNIK II version 4.03 and above. Connect and go. With connection cable included. If you have other accessories connected, perhalps you will need a Multi Cable Accessory

The options and parameters associated with SPORT CALCULATOR are configured via the Blunik when the device is connected. (Plug and Play style)


This is a device for co-pilots of an advanced level. We recommend that you practice with it before going on a rally.

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