16 Screen II OR 0544 copia

Screen II

External screen exclusively for the driver. Allows the monitoring of the regularity to the tenth of a second. With this, many drivers have achieved the coveted 0.0 points at many secret controls.

€ 345,00incl. btw
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SCREEN II is a Blunik II and Blunik II Plus accessory that has the mission of giving more information to the driver and freeing up the co-pilot at tense moments of navigational difficulty.

It is a graphic indicator of regularity, perfect for the driver.

It reduces the driver’s reaction time to the orders of the co-pilot, making driving more comfortable by not having to look away from the road.

The drivers that have tried it never get rid of it, and many achieve the “magic” score of 0.0.

It is not programmed. It does not calculate anything.

It has just one button to choose the display type.

Screen contrast adjusted via the Blunik.

Blunik II accessory. Connect and go. 1.5 m connection cable included. If you have other accessories connected, you will need the Multi Cable Accessory.