Mega screen

Mega Screen

Exclusive digital screen for the pilot. Gives the pilot speed and regularity information. For regularity in raids.

€ 330,00incl. btw
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MEGA SCREEN is a Blunik Raid accessory, which gives the pilot complete independence while monitoring regularity throughout the regularity stage course.

It is an ideal digital regularity and speed indicator for the pilot.

With the MEGA SCREEN the pilot will manage to monitor regularity at all times, as well as recover distance and meet the suitable distance and time after having been delayed by various difficulties.

In high-speed raids and high speed regularity the pilot has to manage the speeds and average changes completely independently from the co-pilot, so a display such as the MEGA SCREEN for the pilot can make all the difference among the best in these kinds of competitions.

Compact device with large digits. Shows 3 figures on screen: regularity distance, setpoint speed and current speed.

The MEGA SCREEN can be used day and night and can be combined with other accessories, such as the B-FUL PAD and/or LED LINE.

It is not programmed. It does not calculate anything.

The light intensity is adjusted via Blunik. The screen contrast is adjusted with a screwdriver.

Blunik-Raid accessory. It is connected by a direct cable to the connection cables. (It does not have a jack cable connection.)