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Kit Plus Portugal

Blunik II Plus and the most suitable accessories for the teams who want ot run in the Rally Portugal Histórico

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The Rally Portugal Histórico is the most sportif classic car racing in Europe. It has been helt for more than 10 successful times, and there’s still a lot more fuel for new editions.

The rally Portugal Histórica is a rally hightly worth for its hight level in regularity competition. There are more than 100 teams, drivers and co-drivers well named with beautiful and well prepared cars. The organization offers more than 2000 km each year, 400 of which are under regularity timmed, arround open roads at speeds of up to 60 km / h on average.

The regularity (average trials) in rally Portugal is quite demanding, every year has been exacting, is a part of the sport challenge, and the success among participants.

  • The average speeds are relatively high. So it is closer to a sport regularity rally than to a standard regularity rally. For this reason the SPORT DRIVE accessory is useful to compensate your trace.
  • The regularity in each section is different and with many kilometers timed and with many average speeds’ changes. With the B-PAD you will be able to program the average changes much faster.
  • The navigation is laborious, and the co-pilot must dedicate time and concentration in the vignettes of the Roadbook. Connecting the ACOUSTIC will be a good way to concentrate on the roadbook while the pilot follows the regularity with the beeping.

The roads are complicated, the navigation requires concentration and if the timing is done by “Blunik Precision Chrono” (as it has been for last five editions) we advance that there are many checkpoints with maximum precision.

The KIT PLUS PORTUGAL is the set of Blunik devices that we recommend for those who want to use the Blunik and all the accessories that are useful for the Historic Portugal Rally and in general for those rally with many speed average changes and high average speed.

Blunik II Plus Device for rally co-drivers, with maximum precision and maximum adaptation for all types of classic car rallies.

Screen II Exclusive external screen for the pilot.
It allows you to follow the regularity to the tenth at a glance, without taking your eyes off the road. With it many pilots have achieved the appreciated 0.0 points in many secret controls

Sport Calculator Trace compensator.

Acoustic Acoustic warning of the regularity and average speed changed. Did you know that what comes in through our ears reaches in our brain faster? The sooner you have the information before you will react to correct and / or be prepared at average changing.

B-Remote Remote keyboard for Blunik II. If you want to have the Blunik keys just next to your roadbook, B-Remote is ideal for you.

B-PAD Numeric keypad for programming stages with Blunik II. With it you can program whenever you want with more agility.

Multicable jack x5

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