Kit II Basic

A good base is the beginning of success. The Blunik Basic Kit is ideal if you have in mind get on the podium one of the following days.

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A good base is the beginning of success. The Basic Kit of Blunik is a very good foundation, which wil permit begin, go forward and play regularity under precision in classic car racing.

A way to see what regularity rally and sport regularity are:

It's like we have to follow a hare. But if we do not see the hare, then we have to imagine it.

- Our watch must be perfectly synchronized with the hare. Easy!

- We have to measure the distance exactly like the hare. Difficult!

Any deviation will penalize us. If you don’t follow the marked route will also penalize us.

The classification is established with the sum of the penalties.

The team with the minimum penalties will win the rally.

Obviously the challenge of these rallies is the maximum precision.

The Blunik II device indicates numerically your regularity tracking. It also accumulates and subtracts the deviations so it recalculates in each moment to indicate you properly at any time.

  • Negative number you must accelerate (red LED)
  • Positive number you have to brake (green LED)
  • 00 You're perfect, keep it up! (Blue LED)

This KIT is composed for the following devices:

  • Blunik II
  • Screen II
  • 2 Magnetic sensor (with magnets)
  • All necessary cables included.

Having the screen for the pilot, the Screen II, adds efforts in every way, the pilot has more information on regularity and the co-pilot can concentrate more on difficult and critical points of navigation.

Blunik II with 2 sensor can aply the algorism FAST WHEEL and improve the precision on the travelled meters.

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