04 Blunik Trip

Blunik Trip

More than a tripmeter. It is an accurate and reliable device for measuring and tracking roadbook and navigation

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BLUNIK TRIP is the ideal device for roadbook tracking and rally navigation. It is an accurate and reliable tripmeter that will allow you to follow the roadbook and get the correct distance in meters (or miles) in all situations.

Unlike other models, the BLUNIK TRIP 2.01 and higher versions, it is a NON-PROGRAMMABLE device, and therefore suitable for regularity rallies where the regulations are limited to co-drivers devices.

BLUNIK TRIP is the perfect odometer to measure accurately the meters traveled by your car and overcome all rally circumstances and achive the best navigation with the roadbook.

It does not calculate average speed, nor does it have regularity comparison tables.

It also has no way of programming sections of the Blunik II or Blunik II PLUS models.


  • 5-digit calibration parameter.
  • Accurate calibration with a unique passage.
  • Automatic calibration and manual calibration.
  • It has 4 calibration memories
  • It has clock and precision chronometer
  • It has total trip and partial trip.
  • Two selectable languages: English and French.


  • 1 or 2 sensor can be connected
  • It adapts to different types of probes
  • It has a screen to verify and check the probes.
  • It has algorithm Fast Wheel, Slow wheel which has been developed to overcome the expletives of the wheels in a rally situation.


  • You can count, discount meters or not count (ideal not to lose meters in maneuvers and errata during the route)
  • Direct add / subtract key 10 meters (programmable from 1 to 10m)
  • Add a specific distance.
  • ENTER key. You can apply a known distance to the point you want.

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