06 Blunik Raid 1929

Blunik Raid

The pilot and co-pilot device for monitoring regularity and navigation in all kinds of raids. Ideal for measuring distances on extreme terrains. Ideal for the Dakar Classic Rally

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Blunik Raid is a compact, reliable and very functional device for all kinds of raids with navigation and regularity.

It has a clock, stopwatch, speedometer, odometer, speed table (programming) and calibration.

Distances are measured by satellite (with an intelligent antenna) and has the option of dual measuring with probes and satellites.

Permits programming of regularity stages (with and without average changes), links, points of reference (TAG) and direction to follow (CAP). It has multiple functions, some of them specific to the Dakar Classic.

Permits display of total and partial distance, average and immediate speed, stopwatch, CAP direction and GPS position.

With BLUNIK-RAID you will have the information you want when you want. As a co-pilot, you will manage to do what your mind wants to do. You can count metres whenever you want and in the most suitable way.

With the BLUNIK-RAID device you will have reliable data available for navigation: total distance, partial distance, GPS position, CAP, speed, among others.

And if the raid also has regularity tests, the device has everything needed for regularity: mainly programming and calibration.

With BLUNIK RAID your team will manage to be in the exact place at the exact time, and score zeros in the regularity classification.

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