32 Quick Sensor MG 4140 sense ventosa

Quick Sensor

Quick-fit external sensor to be fitted to the car to make reconnaissances.

€255.00incl. tax
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The QUICK SENSOR is a quick-fitexternal sensor that can easily be attached to and detached from any type of car.

Its function is to be a precisesensorfitted tothe car with which the organiser or the participant carries out the reconnassance of the timed sections.

It is fitted to the exterior of the car, and does not require any mechanical knowledge to fit it, as you will see clearly in this video.

Designed and manufactured by Blunik.

The price includes all the necessary items for fitting it: three magnets of different sizes, exterior velcro strip, two adaptable aluminium rods, the sensor tube, two connection cables and a special tape measure for calibrating.

With the QUICK SENSOR you will be able tomeasure with precision with the Blunik and with any car you like. It is ideal for taking distance notes on reconnaissance runs when you do not have your rally car.

It is also very useful for rally organisers who are obliged to carry out reconnaissance runs with everyday-use cars.

QUICK SENSOR is an attachable-detachable sensor. We do not recommend using it in rally situations, although it has no speed limitation and is resistant to rain, heat and cold.

Making reconnaissance is a first step. Obtaining good notes with the exact distances can get you onto the podium.

It detects the passage of a magnet up to a distance of 10 mm.

(That is to say, you can fir it separated by 2 to 10 mm, very reasonable distances for non-mechanics.)

It is fitted to one of the non-driving wheels, usually on the co-driver’s side, where it can be fitted from the pavement.