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Kit Plus Monte Carlo

Blunik II Plus and the most suitable accessories for teams that participate in the Rally Monte Carlo Histórico.

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The Rally Monte Carlo Histórico is the most mythical and glamorous regularity rally in Europe.

Every year it has more than 200 cars, meticulously prepared by their drivers and co-pilots.

Sectors in snow are almost 100% assured, so many teams train in other regularity rallies with snow to get ready.

The regularity sections of the Monte Carlo do not present any immediate difficulties since there are few changes of average and the links are long. What really is important is “to tally the metres”, that is, that your regularity device marks the same as the roadbook, and this in stretches with snow, or with sharp curves, roundabouts and other obstacles is a considerable sporting challenge.

The regulation and style of he Rally Monte Carlos Histórico is highly peculiar since the roadbook of the organisation is published, in part, months in advance and it is each team that has to worry about making (or buying) a special roadbook. Making a good roadbook is an arduous task, closely related to calibration, so pay attention to you calibration and to the calibration of whoever made the roadbook.

The KIT PLUS MONTE CARLO is a set of Blunik devices that we recommend for those that have the Rally Monte Carlo Histórico in their regularity rally agenda.

Blunik II Plus Device for rally co-pilots, with maximum precision and maximum adaptability for all types of historic rallies.

Screen II External screen exclusively for the driver.
Allows the monitoring of the regularity to the tenth of a second, at a glance, without taking your eyes off the road. With this, many drivers have achieved the coveted 0.0 points at many secret controls.

Sport Calculator Route compensator and calculator to adjust the calibration.

Acoustic Acoustic warning for regularity and changes of average. Did you know that what we hear reaches our brains more quickly? The sooner you have the information, the sooner you can react and/or be ready for the changes of average.

B-Remote Remote keypad for Blunik II. If you want to have the Blunik keys close to your roadbook and handy, B-Remote is ideal.

Magnetic Sensors (2) Magnetic wheel sensor. Specific model for rally cars. With led indicator for testing.

Multicable jack x4

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