10 B Pad OR 9378 copia


Numeric keypad for programming stages with Blunik II. With it you can program whenever you want with more agility.

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B-PAD is a numeric keypad for entering the data more comfortably when you’re programming stages with your Blunik.

Do you remember that with Blunik II you can program stages the day before, 1 hour before, when you’re in the link, just before the departure and also during the special? Well, with B-PAD you can do it all quicker.

B-PAD is light, tough and extra flat. You can fix it wherever you like with Velcro.

Accessory for BLUNIK II. Just connect it and it’s ready. Connection cable included. If you have other accessories to connect prhalps you’ll need the Multicable for accessories.

It is a non programmable device. It doesn’t calculate itself.

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