1954 Jaguar XK 120 SE OTS


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This 1954 Jaguar XK 120 OTS roadster was brought to us with the task of fully restoring her to concours-quality. Unfortunately the body was in such a poor condition that saving it would have meant replacing 95% the body by new panels.
After some brainstorm-sessions we and the owner have decided to take another road with this project: we are turning this iconic roadster into one pretty special and stylish road-warrior! Here are some of the desired specs:
- All-alloy custom made body with some sensitive changes
- Upgraded engine
- Five speed gearbox
- Upgraded suspension
- Upgraded brakes
- Custom upgraded interior
- Concours-quality paintjob
- Metallised and powder-coated chassis
- Etc…
All changes have to be subtle and time-correct where possible, we do not want a car that looks too modern. It will be a sporty but stylish car with a lot of finesse to it. The handling and performance will be modern though, especially since the body will weigh-in at about minus 90kg compared to the original steel one! Stay tuned or come and have a look at the progress in our shop, everything is done in-house!

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