1965 Porsche 356 SC Coupé

356 SC Coupé

  • Matching numbers
  • Most sought after "SC" version
  • Ultimate driver's car
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When Porsche was in full swing designing the 901, later known as the 911 they came up with the ultimate evolution of the beloved 356: the SC. Think of it as the crown jewel of the series of air-cooled four-cylinder boxer engines, starting with the 35 horsepower of the first 356 pre-A to the very sportier 95 thoroughbreds of this 356 SC. Over all the modifications and evolutions, the engine concept had always proved to be very reliable and tractable, something that remained true for this ultimate version as well.

This beautiful coupe was delivered to her proud first owner in 1965 and is still powered by the original (and therefore matching numbers) engine. She was equipped from the factory with an optional 70-Liter tank, a "Spyder" Mirror, and the bumper guards were omitted to fully show off the lines of this German thoroughbred. To make this car the ideal driver's car in addition to being pleasing to the eye, a roll cage was installed and the seats were replaced with beautiful "speedster style" bucket seats. One look at the interior and you will agree that the dashboard and styling were way ahead of their time. The car is a classic and looks it. The leather seats, large round dials and ample legroom make the Porsche 356 an extremely luxurious classic. Besides the near-perfect execution, the condition of this car can also be called exceptional. The bodywork was restored to a very high level several years ago, but the car is also in exceptional technical condition. The car drives perfectly, which is largely due to the sublime running 1600 cc four-cylinder boxer engine. The engine, gearbox and suspension perform their duties effortlessly and ensure that the ride will be not only smooth but certainly carefree. Also, for the first time, this model was equipped with disc brakes that are a lot better than the previous drum brakes. You can easily spend hours carefree on the road with it: the steering, brakes and clutch are so light that you never have to struggle with the car and you would almost forget that you are driving an old-timer from the 1960s. It goes without saying that with this car there are no additional costs to be foreseen and it is pure enjoyment and even more, because of its very interesting year and driving experience, it is the ideal car to participate in just about any rally.

Looking for something sportier with still the necessary charisma? Something reliable that also drives tremendously well? Then come discover this beautiful 356SC now at Rock 'n Roll Classics.

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